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We are known for our reliable service and our role can be best described as a combination of agency and management duties. Staying close in cooperation with other agencies therefore we provide a huge choise of artists. We are proud to represent some of the top DJs in the industry, for whom we arrange club gigs around the Globe. We are working directly with each of the DJs, who we are presenting, so we can guarantee reliable bookings and the fastest response time. We also set up full label tours and if you wish, you may book FREE SPIRIT nights with some of our main artists for festivals or bigger clubs, too. In addition to the classic tasks of a booking agency, we offer our services when it comes to relating matters such as arranging licensing, remixing or production for our artists.


We are sure that you will find more to your fancying on our website. On our artist roster page you can check the biographies and other news from our DJs!


AlenMi        alex bau        andre walter stigmata        Andres gil

Bagagee vpxtrax        BALTHAZAR & JACKROCK        Bodyscrab        Christian Fishcher

Daniele petronelli        Delano                Gaga

Hertz        Jack Demarseille        Jewell Kid        Johnny Kaos

Loco Jam        10959528 721578464625750 7183934330315542919 n                MartynHare

Nicolas Bacher                Roy Rosenlfeld        Space Djz

Steve Parker        Subfractal        Sutter Cane        VladaAsa









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Please read and provide the required information to complete your demo submission. Due to the large amount of demos we receive weekly, we will not be able to give feedback to everyone. Someone from our A&R team will be in touch within 7-14 days, but ONLY if we feel that your demo is of interest to our labels.

Before sending your demos, please read this first!

- demos must include minimum 2 tracks, we can’t offer a release with only one track and we will not even listen if you just send one track

- demos must be properly mixed-down or mastered, we won’t consider anything that sounds unprofessional or unfinished

- no WAV files, all demos must be in 320kbps MP3 format and the tracks must be full-length

- direct Dropbox links are the best, WeTransfer also OK, but NO SOUNDCLOUD or other streaming links please, we will not check them


We can no longer sign brand new artists, so only send your demos if you have at least 2 EP’s already out on established labels finally, please don’t chase us for feedback, if we really like your sound, we will be in touch !




































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DIFFERENT GROOVES                                        B4BOOKINGS                                        SHAPE BOOKING                                        RAVE ON SNOW

PARTYSAN                                                                   URBAN ART FORMS                          BEATSIDE                                                          TOP DEEJAYS

RAVESPACE                                                                KARANTANIJA                                       TECHNO.CZ                                                    W.M.C.

IBIZA SPOTLIGHT                                                   SONCHEK                                                 NATIVE INSTRUMENTS                          RADIO SALOMON

POWER HIT RADIO                                               FRIENDLY HOUSE                               SPIRIT HOTEL                                                 FLEX


Thanks for showing interest in our artists. Please send an email with as much information as possible regarding your booking request. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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